Ceramic Wales 2018


Exhibitor information



School of Creative Arts, 49 Regent Street, Wrexham, North Wales.


July 13th until July 15th 2018

Opening hours: 

Friday 13th  6pm till 9pm (Preview evening)

Saturday 14th 10am to 5pm

Sunday 15th 10am to 5pm

Set up:

Friday 13th 9am to 5pm


There are two sizes of stand available, regular (approximately 8ft x 5 ft) priced at £285 and Large (approximately 11ft x 8 ft) Priced at £400.

Please note: There are only five of the large stands so please state clearly on your application if you would like to be considered for one of these.

Stands are a white shell scheme booth, which will include two tables.




Rooms will be available to rent in the students halls of residence, prices to TBC.

Alternative accommodation is also available in the local area.

There will be a car park available for those wanting to sleep in vehicles.

N.B there are unfortunately no facilities for camping but there will be portaloos nearby.





Signing the form means you have read the rules and agreed to abide by them.
Anyone breaking the rules will not be considered for inclusion in the future.


1) Public Liability: Potters must have their own public liability insurance.
Anyone selling direct to the public either at Ceramic Wales or any other venue should carry public and product liability insurance. A freak accident could result in a claim against a potter.  Ceramic Wales carries public liability for the fabric of the show but has no jurisdiction over individual stalls.

No application will be accepted without visual proof of the potter’s public liability insurance.

Probably the most cost effective way is to subscribe to A N [Artists Newsletter], become a member of AIR [artists interaction and representation] and get a monthly email newsletter and £5 million public and product liability cover £34 a year. - www.a-n.co.uk


2) Only ceramic work can be sold at Ceramic Wales. Precious metal clay having no actual clay content is not acceptable unless used as an element within the clay construction. Ceramic Wales is about ceramics. To maintain its integrity non-ceramic sculptures, prints, paintings etc – anything with no obvious ceramic content cannot be shown.


3) All work displayed must be produced by the potter on the stand and whose name is on the application form. The actual maker must be present at all times.


4) Potters must work with and be sensitive to their neighbours’ displays on all sides. Stand must be made presentable when viewed from all sides including the back.


5) No application can be accepted without images of the work to be displayed. We will use one image on the website and possibly use others on posters and fliers so be sure they reflect your work well

Jpegs or tiff files all clearly labelled with your name, Minimum quality 300dpi

Applicants please send at least 3 or 4 images.


 6) Stands must only be accessed from within your own, booked space.


7) Payment in full is due on notification of being offered a space.


8) Cancellation after accepting a place will incur a £50 administration fee.

Cancellation after May 1st 2018 will result in the loss of all monies paid.
Potters who cancel cannot pass their space to a third party, thus by-passing the selection system.



Application Form

Ceramic Wales 13th – 15th July 2018








Type of work:






 All exhibitors will have an image of their work on the website so please make sure your images are of suitable quality.

Signing this form means you have read, understood and agree to abide by the rules and conditions.






Signed: .................................... Date:.............................





Please post back to: Wayne Clark, Ceramic Wales, Glyndwr University, School of Creative Arts, 49 Regent Street Wrexham, LL11 1PF.

Alternatively, please email your application to ceramicwales@glyndwr.ac.uk



Please make a copy of this for your own records to show what you have booked.